The check is in the mail

I often spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about money.  It is my number one stressor. It can without constant vigilance totally take over my life and block out every other emotion.  Working, earning a living, having my “stuff” to maintain the illusion of a middle-class lifestyle usually means a full-time job and more.  Money will have the final say. Having enough, wanting more, how will we pay for this?  Where will the money come for to buy the things we need and want?  How much stress do you have around money?  How much money would be enough for you to feel at peace to allow you to comfortably be with your baby? How does money flow to you now?  Where does the money go?  How do you feel when you’re in debt, when you owe what you can’t pay, and you don’t feel free to do what you would like to do with your own time and your own money?

If you are already living beyond your means, having a baby is an absolute game changer.  It can make a bad financial relationship situation much worst or it can shock you into a deep sense of clarifying every single value you have ever had about what’s really important to you.  If you had a savings account that would cover all of your expenses for one year, would you prefer to be with your baby and nurse that child than be anywhere else?

In the La La  alternative universe world where all pregnancies are planned, healthy moms and pregnancies don’t incur staggering costs. We are all insured with no deductibles. We are prepared and ready to handle every emergency.  Under no circumstances would we separate parents from their young children. There are no financial worries for basic necessities.

 I didn’t know how I would manage financially but I knew that I would be unable to leave my baby with someone I didn’t know until that little one was at least a year old and preferably not until they could tell me the whole story about what happened while I was away.

This is not paranoia, or merely because I wanted to breastfeed, it was what I needed for my own peace of mind. Why have a baby that I couldn’t be with and enjoy whenever I wanted to.

 If there is a limitless supply of love, and you were tapped into that and didn’t even know ABOUT the power of that much love until you became a mother, it might change your relationship with money and how much you would need to have. What if all your baby needed was you?

Please tell us your story! Did having a baby change how you felt about money?  Did having enough money influence your decision to nurse your baby? Was money a factor in determining how long you were able to breastfeed your child? What was your path to financial peace?

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