Are you hungry?

Who feeds you?  What is your favorite thing to eat?

Making milk is a full-time job. Eating well, feeling satisfied with your belly full makes you look and feel better and coincidently it has everything to do with maintaining your milk supply throughout that first year.  Every day for 365 days a year!

When you take the baby to the pediatrician, they are focused on weight gain, immunizations, and general growth and development.  How the baby is doing is a reflection of you as the mother.  At least, that is what most mothers think.

 When you go to the doctor, they are focused on your weight loss and returning all of your labs and body parts back to normal.  If the baby is not doing well, first thing may be to question the quality and the amount of your milk supply and consider supplements. First question in my mind is how do you look and feel?  Are you eating well, are you getting enough rest?  Supplementing you with better food, more frequent feedings and naps is the secret to a better you and your baby. What are you hungry for?

I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. I made them myself.  Eggs, flour, buttermilk, warm maple syrup.  I could only eat one, but I savored every bite.  I love to cook and make new things, try new recipes.  For the whole first year, I probably never sat down to for a meal without a baby in my lap or on my breast.  I probably never finished a meal in one sitting. There was something about the smell of food cooking, or even opening the refrigerator to make a sandwich that would cause the baby to wake up, or start to get fussy. My grandmother would say if he’s hungry, you’re hungry.  He knows when you are fixing food, it’s time to eat. Every time you nurse, make it a habit to grab something to eat or drink. Woman does not live by granola bars and yoghurt alone.  In the dairy industry, pregnant cows with newborn calves get premium food including grains and forage but are separated from their calves who might “steel” the best milk.

Make a collection of snacks to keep on hand near the place you are most likely to nurse.  Get a cooler or a pet proof container or snack back pack. Things on hand if you don’t quite make it to the kitchen. Fruit, juice, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, protein shakes or veggies.  Things that are easy to eat with one hand.  Or have your snack first before nursing.  

I was so hungry when nursing my babies. It seemed like I ate a tremendous amount of food but it didn’t seem like I ever got enough to eat.  When I looked in the mirror I felt fat and still pregnant so I would simultaneously talk myself out of eating what I really wanted.  While loving to cook, I was so grateful when folks cooked for me and brought me treats. The baby did not need another onesie, I needed food! Dagnabit! After nursing the little one, who might hold, play, or distract the baby while you make quick work of finishing your meal. If your baby is thin, fretting or not growing well. Ask who indeed is feeding you? How much time are you spending together, eating together, feeling full & satisfied?  Licking your lips with the pleasure of eating. Weaning is the time when the little hand reaches over to sample what is already on your plate to see what is making you smile and hum.

Please tell us your story of who best fed you while you were a nursing mother. Or best yet what was your favorite meal. What do you wish that someone had brought you to eat every day?

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