THIS MOTHERS DAY…. poems are prayers

OF all the ways I anticipated spending

 and celebrating MOTHERS

I could not have imagined or made my MOTHERS Day up

Knowing full well there would be no ceremony with my bio TWO

Loving and grateful

Our schedules would not collide

So many warm greetings 

Geographic land acknowledgments 

from those occupying SPACE in my heart

Who have I mothered and yes nurtured me

Knowing full well

It was I 

blessed more than they 

tearing open my heart to unconditional love

 I lift in prayer and thoughts 

healing energy made whole again

My gratefulness

My chance at Holy Witness

When the Wise Women Gathered

Ordering Divine Feminine 

opine about grief and loss 

what we might therefore be about the business now

It is said as written and felt if not seen 

Assigned at birth 

no worser pain than to live long with the loss of your child

Mother is to go First

That is the Rule


It is I on this day 

as if moved to the unspeakable

Poetry rescues


chimes in

As if there were a signature mark

competition of choice of worse and worser

Some of us might win Best Love…

Calling to holy witness

My all

Mothers of Dead Children

Mothers of Murdered Children

Mothers of Murderers

Mothers To and of Other Mother’s Children 

We hear your Prayers 

We grant you Peace

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