Happy Birthday Monk!

Today is September 20th 2022, my son’s 48th birthday.   When I was nursing him in the way way way back, I didn’t think about this day. No luxury of fast forward into the future; in fact, I thought little and just kept moving along.  My grandmother had always mentioned to sit down and take my time and suggested ever so gently that all would be alright. I don’t think I have a single photo of him nursing

Diaper Pin MOM & DAD & Monk at 9 months

 It would not have occurred to me to take such a photo or to even have someone take a photo of me nursing my baby.  I don’t recall who took the photo, perhaps my mother or father. Likely suspects with a camera. I was dressed, had a bra on, no leaking and probably getting ready to go somewhere and packing up a diaper bag, hence with a diaper pin in my mouth.  Things are different now. That’s Ok!

I didn’t have a computer, or smart phone, and this was pre-internet for me and he and I were still very close and connected and I would not be who I am nor would he be who he is without that relationship. So I am grateful and very grateful to celebrate his birth and to share this day with his father and to honor the women.

I am in the final stages of finishing up a second book on breastfeeding as a specia invitation to encourage any mother who wishes to nurse her baby for 365 days will have all she needs.

I have set out to have 52 women who have done so as part of an Elder Speaks: Wise Woman Series where you will get to meet the women who have just done that. First there are ten women, then 30, ten 100, and then 1000

If you would like to tell your story, please let me know… someone desperately needs to hear what you have to say. Birthday Blessings for each of you!

Please check out…. these two YOU TUBE videos… just for you…


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