Where is your favorite place to nurse your baby?

Open Floor Plans! Stainless Steel Appliances! Sight Lines! Oh My!

“I want to be able to interact with my guests while entertaining my family and friends.” OK, I admit it!  I am an HGTV devotee. I can watch endless hours of House Hunters repeats, remodeling and travel shows.

I don’t know exactly what it is about even thinking about having a baby  that causes folks to want to nest, clean, redecorate, move, get a bigger space, a bigger car, better neighborhood, better schools or have the wall color of the nursery match and complement the gender of the baby.

Yikes, it is scary and can launch fear in the hearts of Mothers everywhere of the risks of not being ready for the baby and what constitutes readiness as in decorating and stuff you need to cart your baby around or to create a safe space for you and your baby and your lover to sleep. Where is the place you can lie down and rest and let your milk flow?

If the lifestyle we have created requires that we separate from our baby to sustain it and enjoy it; have we unintentionally created a space that is exactly the opposite of what we have hoped for?

I so enjoyed lying down, with my baby lying next to me.  I would generally fall asleep. I would prefer to be alone and have it rather quiet, but from time to time I would sing. My son, my first born would let me read, my daughter, my second, would rip the pages of any book, magazine or newspaper especially if it shielded my face from hers.  She required my undivided gaze and attention.

Please share your story. What kind of space were most comfortable nursing your baby?  Is anyone there with you? What are you wearing? Did the space that you imagine turn out to be different from the space you most felt safe and at home?  When you first walk in the door and you need to nurse first thing, where do you go? If your baby is walking, where does that baby lead you for your time out together?

Where is the place that you can lie down and rest and let your milk flow?

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