Blue Toes make me happy!

The other day, I made a decision to finally get my toes done. I had already picked out the color and actually even bought some ten dollar nail polish, but I hadn’t made an appointment or blocked out some time to hit my favorite neighborhood nail salon for the super deluxe spa pedicure.

A dear friend from my college years who I mainly connect now with on Facebook was vacationing in Galapagos Islands, and I had casually mentioned I was fascinated by the Blue toed Booby and before I knew it; I was presented with a great photo of those fabulous blue feet.  I was thrilled and I do think it was the catalyst to making the time to get my toes done.

What does this have to do with nursing mothers committed to breastfeed for a long while? Just maybe everything as the attention we pay to details about our own body, needs, wants and desires really does matter.  Who surrounds us these days? Do they notice us? How do you care for and nurture yourself to feel rested and beautiful and willing to go on one more day!  

I have always been interested in birds, and always thought of the rarity of blue in nature.  Of course, the sky is blue, but blue feet, the mating dance and the specialness of it all is intriguing. I like to dream about going to visit those birds one day. I have never seen one live or dancing in their own space.

Other than the baby, what are your passions?  How do you possibly make time for yourself, for feeling beautiful and special and how does your relationship with your spouse grow when you integrate this person in sharing the new love? What do you do or allow time for that makes you feel more attractive and centered in ways that allow you to feel truly present with your baby and your spouse because you made time to spend with yourself?  What do you have in your life that just doing it makes you feel better?

 I love having my feet rubbed, I like them to be soft and adorable and to have them smell like lavender flowers instead of smelly socks. I like soaking my feet especially when I rarely get a bath and shower less than ten minutes to save time and hot water.  It is an indulgence that I wish I scheduled more regularly. 

Palmer Parker a poet I so enjoy writes about the healing benefit of a friend who wasn’t chatty and came by and reached out to him to massage his feet daily during a time of deep depression. We should all be so blessed to have such a friend.

He relished not having anyone to give him advice, but just to be noticed and willing to be present was more than enough.

When was the last time you got your nails done? Please tell us your story about what you do to pamper and nurture yourself.  It may not be in the temple of the nail salon, but you know when you feel better, more beautiful and deeply at peace.

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